Before the congress

  • Please familiarise yourself with the session programme. The programme can be found here. You can search the sessions on the EUROSON website by keywords and/or presenters. 
  • Prepare at least one question in case there are none from the audience.
  • If you are unable to attend, please inform the ECR Scientific Programme Department [email protected]

 Upon arrival at the congress venue

The EUROSON 2023 Registration Desk (entrance floor Lobby) and Speaker Room (2nd Floor) personnel will gladly assist you with any questions, open from Wednesday, May 24th 12:00 onwards.
Before your session

  • Arrive at the location 15-30 minutes earlier to familiarize yourself with the equipment. For support, please approach the room assistant.
  • Meet the presenters, ask the first presenter to already take a position at the lectern, collect potential questions for the panel discussion and remind them about the presentation format.
  • Late programme changes should be communicated to the room assistant, who will take note.
  • Two moderators: Please coordinate and share the tasks with your co-moderator.

 During your session


  • Please introduce yourself and announce the session, mentioning the topic, number, and title.
  • Remind the audience to switch mobile phones to silent mode.
  • No video or audio recording of a presentation is allowed without the presenter’s and the organization’s prior permission.
  • For the sake of consistency and neutrality, the moderators should neither applaud nor praise any presentation.
  • Please announce that evaluation is possible
  • Advertise that Programme is accessible Via the Euroson App (available via the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)).

Session Start:

  • Start the session on time, even if the attendance is very low.
  • Please introduce the presenter and the title of their presentation.
  • Ensure that the presenter does not exceed their time limit.


  • Take charge of the discussion period.
  • Ask the onsite audience participant to introduce themselves before asking questions.
  • Please ensure to address the questions from the online audience  
  • Repeat or paraphrase the question/answer if necessary. At the end of the session, thank the presenters and the audience, and do not hesitate to summarize the discussion with a few “take-home points”.
  • Special note for sessions with panel discussions: The stage setup will not be rearranged.
  • Please invite all speakers to join you on stage close to the speaker’s podium to assemble for the panel discussion.