EUROSON is the most important European event for ultrasound in medicine and biology; the three-day congress annually gathers doctors, sonographers, students and other experts in ultrasound.

We will hold EUROSON 2023 in Riga, Latvia, a vibrant city with a rich history of more than 800 years. The congress will be an on-site event welcoming delegates to participate in the venue of ATTA Centre. Therefore, we expect up to 1000-1500 participants to visit Riga.

The EUROSON congress represents the hallmark of EFSUMB, comprised of an extensive network of innovative minds, illustrating the latest breakthroughs in clinical, scientific, and creative aspects of ultrasound, offering discussions, joint sessions, workshops, state-of-the-art performances, and in collaboration with industry, displaying the future of ultrasound.

The programme of the congress will be well-balanced, including a wide range of valuable lectures, courses, and reports maintaining the topic of ultrasound.